Monthly Archives: February 2017

Multi-Provider Slice creation use case approved for inclusion in TR28.801

“Study on management and orchestration of network slicing for next generation network”

During the last 3GPP SA5 meeting held in Porto on 16-20 Jan 2017, Ishan Vaishnavi (HWDU) presented one of the main use cases of the 5GEx project: the ability to create multi-operator slice for inclusion in the ongoing study on slicing management and orchestration for the next generation network.  The contribution was approved after significant discussions and revisions and is now use case described under Section 5.19 titled “Creating an end-to-end network slice instance across multiple operators” of TR28.801 version 0.4.0. The implication of this inclusion is that the next generation of telecommunication network management shall support this use case driven by 5GEx and welcome further contributions to support it during the normative phase.