Monthly Archives: July 2017

5G PPP security whitepaper is released

This white paper describes the 5G PPP Security Landscape of Phase 1 projects, covering the scope in 5G PPP Phase 1 Projects with specific reference to 5G Security.

The objective of this white paper is thus twofold: first get the reader acquainted with 5G Security the way it has been addressed through Phase 1 in terms of the “What” and “Why” but also, and probably most importantly, pave the way for Phase 2 Projects so they can leverage the achievements resulting from this first phase.

It can be found here

5GEx and Flex5Gware joint demo

5GEx project results have been demonstrated at 5G Focus Day workshop (Turin, June 21st).

During the 5G Focus Day workshop, Telecom Italia demonstrated how, jointly exploiting 5GEx and Flex5Gware project results, it is possible to enable cross-domain services by combining network, computing and storage resources.

The demo (video) also highlighted how it is possible to pursue economic savings combining multi service provider/multi technology orchestration capabilities of 5GEx project with the flexibility of mobile components provided by Flex5Gware framework.

The presentation is available here: 5GeX-flex5G