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5GEx virtualization-based multi-domain roaming

In the context of the 5GEx project, a new and novel solution for roaming in cellular mobile networks has been developed, implemented and validated. The solution is based on dynamically deploying a virtual instance of the PGW (Packet Data Network Gateway), which is the  data plane entity anchoring all traffic of a UE, on the visited domain. In this way, roaming users’ traffic no longer needs to reach the home domain, traversing the network between the visited and home  domain. The trigger for the virtual PGW instantiation is configurable and  can be based on multiple factors.

The virtual PGW instance is actually managed and owned by the home operator, which allows to overcome some of the main limitations  of the currently standardized local breakout solutions, namely (i) issues with incompatible charging systems between home and visited operator systems, and (ii) lawful interception obligations of the home  operator.

The solution has been implemented using the multi-domain orchestration solution from 5GEx and evaluated on 5TONIC ( This has been shown in different events already, such as MVNOs World Congress 2018 (, Network Virtualization Europe (, EuCNC 2018 ( and ISNCC 2018 (

A video explaining the demo can be found at