Presence of 5G-Ex on EuCNC 2016, Athens

5GEx will be present with a number of contributions to this week’s EuCNC 2016 event in Athens.

  • “Orchestration of Crosshaul Slices From Federated Administrative Domains: the 5GEx and 5G-Crosshaul approach”, Carlos J. Bernardos. Presentation at the “Next Generation fronthaul/backhaul integrated transport networks” workshop, 27 June 2016.
  • “Virtualization and Control in Multi-Provider Environment: the 5G Exchange approach”, Carlos J. Bernardos. Presentation at the “NFV and Programmable Software Networks” workshop, 27 June 2016.
  • Co-organizers of the “NFV and Programmable Software Networks”, Carlos J. Bernardos (5G-PPP Software Networks WG co-chair).
  • “Orchestration of Crosshaul Slices From Federated Administrative Domains”, Luis M. Contreras, Carlos J. Bernardos, Antonio de la Oliva, Xavier Costa-Pérez, Riccardo Guerzoni. Paper presentation at the “Software-Defined Infrastructures” track of EuCNC, 29 June 2016.
  • “Multi-domain Orchestration and Management of Software Defined Infrastructures: a Bottom-Up Approach”, Riccardo Guerzoni, David Perez- Caparros, Paolo Monti, Giovanni Giuliani, Javier Melian, Ricardo Figueiredo, Aurora Ramos, Carlos J. Bernardos, Gergely Biczók, Balázs Sonkoly, Francesco Tusa, Alex Galis, Ishan Vaishnavi, Fabio Ubaldi, Andrea Sgambelluri, Cristina Santana, Robert Szabo. Poster presentation. 28 June 2016.
  • Participation in the “1st 5G-PPP Security WG physical meeting”, Manos Dramitinos, 27 June 2016.
  • Interview to Carlos J. Bernardos and Ishan Vashnavi
  • A video presenting the first results of 5GEx will be recorded at EUCNC 2016