Presence of 5G-Ex on the 97th IETF meeting in Seoul, Korea

November 13-18,  2016 the 97th IETF meeting took place in Seoul, Korea. IETF is one
of the key standards development organizations (SDOs) where 5GEx is
actively contributing. During this meeting, different contributions
were made from 5GEx partners:

- “Network Virtualization Research Challenges” (draft-irtf-nfvrg-gaps-
network-virtualization). This document, adopted by the Network Function
Virtualization (NFV) research group, identifies and describes open
research challenges for network virtualization. One of the documented
challenges is precisely multi-domain orchestration. The presentation (h
irtf-nfvrg-gaps-network-virtualization-00.pdf) was well received by the
group. The authors (UC3M, Telefonica and Interdigital) will prepare a
revision of the contribution based on the received feedback.

- “Multi-domain Network Virtualization” (draft-bernardos-nfvrg-
multidomain). This draft focuses on the key research challenge and
innovation of 5GEx, directly pushing 5GEx concepts. The presentation (h
bernardos-nfvrg-multidomain-00.pdf) also raised many questions and
comments from the attendees, especially about the reference
implementation of the architecture that will be soon released. The
authors of this contribution (UC3M, Telefonica, Huawei and Ericsson)
will continue working on this, adding more details on the 5GEx
architecture interfaces in the next revisions of the document.

- “Cooperating Layered Architecture for SDN” (draft-irtf-sdnrg-layered-
sdn). This document, adopted by the Software Defined Networking (SDN)
research group present and architecture splitting the service and
connectivity components of SDN control. The presentation (https://www.i
architecture-for-sdn-00.pdf) summarized the latest additions to the
document (mainly adding multi-domain aspects). This document is
authored by Telefonica, UC3M, Orange and Ericsson.

- UCL presented aspects of Network Slicing to different groups. This
topic has been quite important during this IETF, in which even there
was a “bar BoF” session specifically focusing on network slicing,
chaired by Cisco and Huawei.

There were other interesting presentations for 5GEx during the week, as
for example: VNF benchmarking (
es/slides-97-nfvrg-06-vnf-benchmarking-00.pdf), Optimal Service
Placement using Pseudo Service Chaining mechanism (
using-pseudo-service-chaining-mechanism-02.pdf), Automated Resource
Control in Virtualized Network Environments (
virtualized-network-environments-00.pdf), etc.