Presence of 5G-Ex on the 98th IETF meeting in Chicago, USA

March 26-31, 2017 the 98th IETF meeting took place in Chicago, USA.
IETF is one of the key standards development organizations (SDOs) where 5GEx is actively contributing.


During this meeting, different contributions were made from 5GEx partners:

- “Network Virtualization Research Challenges” , this document, adopted by the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) research group, identifies and describes open research challenges for network virtualization. One of the documented challenges is precisely multi-domain orchestration. The presentation  was well received by the group, who agreed to issue a Research Group Last Call, the last step within the group before requesting publication as Request For Comments (RFC) to the IETF. The authors (UC3M, Telefonica and Interdigital) will work on some updates of the contribution based on the received feedback during the meeting.

- “Multi-domain Network Virtualization” , this draft focuses on the key research challenge (identified in the previous contribution) and innovation of 5GEx, directly pushing 5GEx concepts. Luis Contreras, from Telefonica, presented the update of this contribution. The new input on interface specification triggered questions and comments from the attendees. The authors of this contribution (UC3M, Telefonica, Huawei and Ericsson) will continue working on this, bringing the outcome of the interface specification and validation performed in the project to the next revisions of the document.

- UCL presented aspects of Network Slicing to different groups. Based on the impact of the discussions that took place in the last IETF, Prof. Alex Galis has led a side meeting (also referred to as “bar BoF” in IETF jargon) on network slicing. More than 100 attendees were present in the discussion that last for more than 2 hours. BoF proponents, among which 5GEx participants (UCL, Telefonica, Huawei and UC3M) are key participants, are working towards having an official BoF in the next IETF meeting (Prague, July 2017).

There were other interesting presentations for 5GEx during the week, as for example: ”Distributed NFV in Scattered Premises“, “Verification of NFV Services: Problem Statement and Challenges“, ”Service Function Chaining Use Cases in Fog RAN” , etc.