Presentation of 5G-Exchange to Telefónica Business Solutions

Luis M. Contreras from Telefónica I+D and WP2 leader of 5GE-Exchange presented on April 28th to Telefónica Business Solutions (TBS) the scope, progress and outcomes of the 5GEx project in the TBS innovation event named DECIDE that included other presentations internal to TBS and external from vendors, with a total audience of around 60 people from different areas of TBS. This event provides and overview on the next technological steps for the evolution of the company and the prevalence in the market.

5GEx presentation 5

Telefonica Business Solutions is the Telefónica company providing of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market (Large Enterprise, SME, Multinational Corporations, Wholesale). Business Solutions develops an integrated, innovative and competitive portfolio for the B2B segment including digital solutions (m2m, Cloud, Security, e-Health or Digital Marketing) and telecommunication services (international voice, IP, bandwidth capacity, satellite services, mobility, integrated fixed, mobile, IT services and global solutions). Telefonica Business Solutions is a multicultural organization, working in over 40 countries and with service reach in over 170 countries.

As a conclusion of the presentation TBS will follow up the results of the experiments and demonstrations to be performed in the context of the project to assess realistic business cases around them.