5GEx project triggered a new Open Multi-Access Edge Cloud (OMEC) task group set-up to work on multi-provider enablement

IEEE held an Open Multi-Access Edge Cloud (OMEC) roadmapping workshop in Lisbon on 8-9 May 2017, co-located with the IEEE IM conference.

OMEC is an industry alignment forum which aims to define “An open reference architecture for a cloud platform that uses compute, storage and network (e.g. fixed and mobile) services distributed across the multi-access edge, (including user equipment/devices) for support of QoE and locality relevant applications. It includes a framework for real-time control, orchestration, policy and management functions for dynamic allocation and management of these resources and the enabled services.”

The 5GEx project, including value propositions and key features, was presented at this event. As a result, the OMEC group decided to set up a task group to work on OMEC’s multi-provider enablement.

IEEE’s meeting report is available here.