Showcasing the integrated 5G-Ex system with robotics control demo at IEEE NFV-SDN

A successful 5GEx demonstration was delivered at the 3rd IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networking at Berlin, Germany, 6-8th November 2017 (

The orchestration was showcased on an infrastructure consisting of multiple administrative domains, which were represented by Docker Domains as computing resources and OpenFlow switches as transport domains. The resilient robotics control service was decomposed by the VNF Manager into a duplicated PID controller logic loop, which can be executed in Docker containers. The multi-domain orchestration system reserved independent computing resources for the controllers and disjoint transport paths for their traffic. The balancing robot was receiving control information through Wi-Fi from both PID controllers.

In addition, VNF sharing was showcased for controlling a second balancing robot using the same docker containers when the second service was received through the same administrative domain. At last, resource isolation among different administrative domains on shared infrastructure was demonstrated, when the second robotics control service for the second balancing robot was received through a different operator’s tenant.


Pic.1. : demonstration at IEEE NFV-SDN @Berlin