Presence of 5G-Ex on the 101st IETF meeting in London

March 17-23, 2018 the 101st IETF meeting took place in London.


IETF is one of the key standards development organizations (SDOs) where 5GEx is actively contributing. During this meeting, different contributions were made from 5GEx partners such as “Network Virtualization Research Challenges”,  “Multi-domain Network Virtualization” and  ”Common operation an management of network slicing” .

  •  “Network Virtualization Research Challenges” (draft-irtf-nfvrg-gaps-network-virtualization). This document, adopted by the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) research group, identifies and describes open research challenges for network virtualization. One of the documented challenges is precisely multi-domain orchestration. The Research Group Last Call issued by the NFVRG resulted in some final reviews that have been addressed by the authors. Now the document is waiting for final publication as Re quest For Comments (RFC) to the IETF. The draft is available at here and the slides here
  • The document “Multi-domain Network Virtualization” (draft-bernardos-nfvrg-multidomain), which was initiated by the 5GEx project now has authors also from the 5G-PPP phase-2 project 5G-TRANSFORMER (, as this project is leveraging some of the multi-domain aspects on the work done by 5GEx. The document was presented at the NFVRG session. The document is available here, and the slides presented here.
  • The network slicing effort being driven by Prof. Alex Galis and Luis Contreras had a new non-WG forming BoF on “Common operation an management of network slicing” (COMS). The material presented by 5GEx is available here  and here.

There were other interesting presentations for 5GEx during the week, as for example: “Setting the Scene ” @ COMS BoF session