Recap of the 2nd 5GEx Industrial Workshop

Our workshop was part of the 6th Annual  Network Virtualization Europe conference (May 22-24, Madrid) organized by KNect365 TMT, an Informa business. We supported the organization of the “Track B: Service Assurance & MANO” and were present as supporting organization on all communication material, which helped a lot to attract people joining presentations, discussions and the demonstration of the 5GEx GiLAN use case.


Our two presentations were given by Hakon Lonsethagen on business aspects in a “Multi-provider services and automated orchestration by the 5G Exchange Service Layer” (summary of section 3 and 4 of D2.3) and by Dr. Carlos J. Bernardos on architecture aspects with detailed explanation on the example use case GiLAN (“Roaming in an NFV-enabled multi-operator world”). Both presentations have been very well received by the audience. Especially the first one was reflected in the Service Assurance & MANO track in the panel discussion on “Orchestration Strategy and Challenge”. The panel included a mixture of 5GEx partners with Telefonica, Telenor and Telecom Italia and leading industrial players like CableLabs or EXFO.  Some of the discussed aspects are:

  • Dealing with continuous development leads to frequently new aspects and problems (e.g. problems in ETSI NFV standards for closed loop orchestration)
  • Status of maturity of virtualized network functions (agreement that it improves)
    • Education and training is very important, change of people minds underestimated
    • Change of organizational culture is still important, transformation is not a problem of weeks or months
      • Resiliency is of higher importance in telco word than in IT world, this should especially regarded by developers
      • Adoption of mature technologies takes sometimes time, e.g. TCP flow control is debated for several decades now

The high-level introduction of the 5GEx architecture and presentation of the GiLAN use case was very successful. There have been a lot of employees of mobile operators at the conference (in fact, these persons are representing 20-30% of all mobile customers in the world) and the GiLAN use case attracted their interest. So, we had counted in total 40 visitors, ten demos and gave away 25 white papers. The feedback was very positive, acknowledging the interesting idea and accepting that multi-provider NFV is something of importance for the future. There have been many detailed discussion, ranging from the detailed technical standards for mobile Internet connectivity to options in deploying the virtualized network functions.