White papers

5GEx project white papers

  1. Multi-domain 5GEx Service Creation from 90 Days to 90 Minutes, 2016, pdf, 
  2. Evaluation of Multi-Domain Network Service Orchestration, 2018, pdf
  3. Multi-Domain Network Service Orchestration, 2018, pdf

5G-PPP white papers

  1. Cognitive Network Management for 5G, 2016, pdf, A. Galis
  2. 5G innovations for new business opportunities, 5G-PPP Vision Working Group Paper for Mobile World Congress, 2017, pdf, M. Dramitinos, H. Lønsethagen, F. Ubaldi, and M. Di Girolamo
  3. Views on 5G Architecture, 2017, pdf, Contributions Overall 5G Architecture, Logical & Functional Architecture, Software Networks Technologies, editor & contributor: A. Galis, contributor: I. Vaishnavi

Other white papers

  1. Service Level Awareness and open multi-service internetworking, NetWorld 2020, 2016pdf, H. Lønsethagen
  2. Perspectives on Network Slicing – Towards the New ‘Bread and Butter’ of Networking and Servicing, in IEEE SDN, 2018, pdf, A. Galis