Invited presentations

  1. Carlos J. Bernardos, ”Virtualization and Control in Multi-Provider Environment: the 5G Exchange approach”, Presentation at the “NFV and Programmable Software Networks” workshop, 27 June 2016.
  2. Carlos J. Bernardos, ”Orchestration of Crosshaul Slices From Federated Administrative Domains: the 5GEx and 5G-Crosshaul approach”,  Presentation at the “Next Generation fronthaul/backhaul integrated transport networks” workshop at EuCNC 2016, 28 June 2016 Find here
  3. Carlos J. Bernardos, ”ICT consolidation in 5G. The role of Software Networks” Carlos J. Bernardos. Presentation at EuCNC 2016, 28 June 2016
  4. L. M. Contreras, “Connecting Multiple SDN/NFV Administrative Domains”, at 4th Annual Network Virtualization & SDN Europe. 2 June 2016
  5. Robert Szabo, ”Network Function Virtualization and Flexible Service Chaining in Multi-Domain/Provider Environments: Recent Developments”,  keynote NetSoft 2016, 9 June 2016 find here 
  6. Alex Galis, ”Network Softwarization towards the edge: where is the frontier?”,  at NetSoft2016, Distinguished Expert Panel, 9 June 2016
  7.  L. M. Contreras, ”Control Plane for High Capacity Networks”, at 5th International Workshop on Trends in Optical Technologies, Campinas-São Paulo, Brazil, 18 May 2016
  8. Carlos J. Bernardos “Multi-domain orchestration of software defined infrastructures”, presented on 17th February 2016 at Ericsson Learnathon, Madrid, Spain, find here E///_5GEX
  9. Robert Szabo, Balazs Sonkoly and David Jocha Multi-domain Resource Orchestration for NFV: From Static (UNIFY) to Dynamic (5GEx) Control Plane Structures, presented on 9th December 2015, at Globecom 2015, San Diego, CA, USA
  10. R. Guerzoni “5GEx_Multi-domain Orchestration for Software Defined Infrastructures” presented on 24 Aug 2015 on Architecture 5G WG
  11.  Carlos J. Bernardos, Olivier Dugeon, Alex Galis, Donal Morris, Csaba Simon and Robert Szabo 5G Exchange (5GEx) – Multi-domain Orchestration for Software Defined Infrastructurespresented on 1st of July 2015 at EUCnC Special Session 9, Paris, France,pp. 1–5. find here